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D(C)I Sam Tyler
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July 1973
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D(C)I Sam Tyler [userpic]

I've discovered that there's a community called lifein1973 - I'd hoped it was some kind of support group - I even wondered for a moment if I'm not the only coma patient stuck here. It doesn't seem to be exactly that, but maybe it'll have some useful tips for living here. Now. Whatever. I've joined, anyway.

(The people who post in it seem to know a scary amount about my situation... is it a conspiracy? A message from the future? A very bad joke? And I thought it was bad when it was just the telly and the radio talking to me...)

Current Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful

Whatever you do Boss - dun't go joining that johnsimm - in fact dun't even look at it - that will really freak yer out!!!!


Told yer - it's well freaky in't it?

Lalalalalalaaaaaa I'm not looking any more!

Well I know one thing - he in't half as mad as you Boss!

But yer do see more of certain part of him though!

I'm perfectly sane. I think. I hope...

So far.


(thinks to self:- Hyde must be a bloody weird place then!)

You'd have to go a long long way to match his antics in The Lakes mate!

It's.... very different to here.

I'm saying nothing.


!!!! There's somebody in here laughing at me!

.... did anyone else hear that? Anybody?

You 'aving one of yer weird turns again Boss? Yer just need a stiff...


Bet yer thought I were gonna say summit filthy there!

*hides head in hands*

You, Chris? Never!

*hides head in hands*

Bit too much information there Boss!

Stop using yer pet name for us on this journal. Thought that were just for our special times!