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D(C)I Sam Tyler
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July 1973
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D(C)I Sam Tyler [userpic]

Have decided to start this journal in the hope that writing all this down will help me make some sense of all this madness. It probably won't, but doing this is better than talking to imaginary children in my TV.

I'm not quite sure how I'm accessing the internet from 1973 (does this prove that it is all in my head?), but thank god I can get to Google again!

I've noticed that dc_chrisskelton and ds_raycarling (hah, DS - in his dreams!) have journals too. I've friended Chris, but not Ray, for obvious reasons. Although maybe I should be keeping an eye on him...

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Current Music: T-Rex - Telegram Sam

Right O Boss I've added yer me friends list!

BTW is your arse owt like that John Simms blokes arse. Not that I'm interested or owt (got a girlfriend like), but I just thought I would ask, cos I'm confused - yer face dun't look half like his!

Ta, Chris.

No, my arse is much perter. Because of all that exercising at the gym I was telling you about. (I go running along the canal these days - want to come along one morning?)

Serious Boss? Yeah okay - will yer wear yer tight little swimming trunk again? (Not that I would be lookin' - got a girlfriend and all!)

Not too early eh - cos I dun't think I can go running with a 'angover.

Don't be daft, Chris. Can't go running in swimming trucks. I've got a nice form-fitting pair of running shorts, though.

10am late enough for you? Because the Guv's usually gone by 9:30...

Yeah - sounds alright that Boss. You 'aving an early briefing with the Guv that mornin' then?

More like a debriefing, really. That morning and every morning.

To be honest, I wouldn't mind knowing either, Sam. *cough* strictly because of er, educational reasons, of course. Friended too- I'm sure all of this'll make sense one day. Just don't discount me as a strange voice from 'all-in-yer-head-Hyde-', eh? ^^

"Just don't discount me as a strange voice from 'all-in-yer-head-Hyde-', eh? ^^"

I operate on a strict innocent-until-proven-guilty policy. Unlike some other coppers I could mention...

(hah, DS - in his dreams!)

In me memories actually Tyler! and consider yourself not-freinded back!

Yeah, you hang on to those memories, Carling. And how's the stationary cupboard today?

Immaculate as a matter of fact,

and If I find any sharpenings left on the floor I'll hunt you down paperwork boy!

Enjoying the housekeeping, are we? Sure your username shouldn't be ms_raycarling?

Stationary associated efficiency is just one more increasingly respectable lines of police work which I am now dominating. Nothing like house work.

Mmm-hmm. Of course it is, Constable. Of course it is.

Glad to see you're coming around to the more modern way of doing things. Oh, is that my way, by any chance? *smirk*

Oh yeah, and don't take me having added you to my friends list to mean anything. The Guv said I had to, for work purposes. Hmph.

*sigh* s'pose I'd better freind you back before you have a hissy-fit then.

It's the Guv you want to worry about.

I know you do anyway