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D(C)I Sam Tyler
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July 1973
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D(C)I Sam Tyler [userpic]
Yeah, right.

Gene seems to think that lifein1973 community is there because they've all got the hots for him and wanted a place to talk about it. Dream on, Guv. Honestly, he's more deluded than I am!

I wish he'd stop looking over my bloody shoulder to read it. I don't know why he doesn't get one of these journals for himself. What's the matter, Gene? Can't you cope with the technology?

Current Mood: crankycranky

Oh so that's what 'e were doing that time I walked into 'is office and 'e were standing behind yer. 'e were looking over yer shoulder to see the computer!

Wait he dun't 'ave a coputer in his office does 'e?

Uhhh.... paperwork! We were... collating... um... no, wait - I was demonstrating correct workstation posture. That was it. Ergonomics. Yeah.

Need a shovel Boss?

Actually, I think I was managing quite well without.



Bit too much information again there Boss.

Well, you did ask.

Errr yuck!

Guess I deserved that din't I?

Do I deserve owt else?

Why don't you pop round to my place and we'll discuss it?

As long as yer dun't put the telly on this time alright!

No bloody fear!

GeneThe Guv says he can pick you up. Did I mention that he's here as well?

He wants to pick me up and all? Will he make us sit in the back of the car again? Yer always get the front seat!

I'll sit in the back with you, if you like. :-)
I only sit in the front seat when we're actually going somewhere. It's a different story when we're parked...

By the way, the Guv says to tell you that he thinks you're a very deserving lad.
(I think he's had a few... not really sure he should be driving, actually...)

I'll sit in the back with you

Awww will yer?

not really sure he should be driving

'e drives much better after a few. You ain't ever seen 'im sober - now that's bloody funny.

Just this once.

'e drives much better after a few. You ain't ever seen 'im sober - now that's bloody funny.
Yeah, that's true. But, sober? That is a frightening thought! (It'd be like Frank in Shameless... except you don't know what that is.)


No I dun't know what Shameless is but I bet it's on that Hyde porno channel yer were telling us about - Channel 4.

Good guess! I expect you looked at the title and used your lavatorial brain to work it out, yeah?

Yeah I did and all. Why dun't we 'ave programmes like that on telly 'ere in Manchester - them Hyde show sound a lot more my kinda thing!

Nowt much 'appen round 'ere in Chorlton-cum-Hardy.

Just be patient - I'm sure you'll get them eventually. In thirty years, give or take.

Thirty years Boss? I'll be ummm... I'm 26 now...ummm...56?

If I believed all them stories I read in lifein1973 a lot of them say I'll be married to Annie and that she'll be Mrs. Skelton!

Do yer think that will ever happen?

Well, maybe it'll be a bit sooner.

Who can tell what'll happen in the future, Chris? (Hah!) But what about Rayetta? What would she think if you married Annie?

Annie looks better (and fits) the nurses uniform!

BTW - me "Not my Happy Face" icon keeps appearing - must be too pissed get the right one off the list! I ain't un'appy!

Glad to hear it. Cos you certainly didn't *seem* to be unhappy last night...

I were brimming with excitement me!

I seem to remember you brimmed right over more than once...

It's a talent Boss!

Some of us 'ave it...

...and some of us 'ave it more than once!