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D(C)I Sam Tyler
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July 1973
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D(C)I Sam Tyler [userpic]
Small successes

Sending the boys off on that computer course was definitely one of my better ideas. It's really contributed to their personal and career development! Well, some of them, anyway. dc_chrisskeltonChris tells me he's even signed up for some kind of creative writing assignment. A "ficathon", he called it. He's asked me to take a look at what he comes up with - I said I'd be glad to. He'll get a much more helpful opinion from me than from some of the neanderthals in the office, that's for certain!

Just as long as he remembers to separate fiction and fact when it comes to the job. Witness statements, for example. Some people *cough*ds_raycarlingRay*cough* seem to have a few problems with that. But I'm sure Chris will learn the proper way of doing things. He's a good lad.

Oops, here comes the Guv. I'd better go!

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Ta - good to know I can always come to yer when I need 'elp!

Again guess word that should have be put in italics!

With, on, or to. I'm easy (as the Guv well knows).

See me rise above your crude innuendo! Or should that be "sink below?"

"sink below?"

Will yer do that and all?

I will if you will.